Blooket Updates

Blooket is a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to create questions and host Blooket games with their students. It also provides educators with a way to analyze student performance. Unlike Kahoot, Blooket uses large color blocks to make answer choices clear for students. Educators can even assign games to students as homework using the HW tab. The Blooket app is available for iOS and Android devices and is free to use. Students and teachers must agree to the Blooket Privacy Policy before they can create an account. The company stores user information in the United States, and students under 13 must have parental consent to create an account. Blooket has been updated with new Blooks, game modes, and other features. In addition, a new toolbar has been added to the top of the Blooket dashboard, which makes it easier to access tools.

The “Play” button allows students to join Blooket games and submit their Game ID code. Students can also change their username or password. Once a game is played, they can report it (if it’s inappropriate or spam) or duplicate it. They can also use the “Discover” button to search games and find other players who want to play them. Another feature that has been improved is the ability to set up a Blooket game to end at a specific time or when someone reaches a certain total. This might be helpful if your students need to practice answering a question in a short period of time. However, it is important to note that students cannot edit sets of questions created by other users. In October 2024, a redesign was implemented in Blooket. The update included a new stats page, market page, discover page, and set creator page. It also added a weekly shop and a new banner and title for your stats page.

A new blook has been introduced called Lovely Frog. This Chroma Blook can be obtained by purchasing it from the Lucky Box for 300 Tokens or by ranking in the top 25 of the Potions of Pix’ahlia competition. It’s likely that the Blook won’t be available again next Valentine’s Day or ever. The Breakfast Box features items that people typically eat for breakfast. It includes toast, cereal, milk, yogurt, breakfast combo, and various drinks. A few Chroma astronauts appear in this box, including Rocket Astronaut and Cyan Astronaut. These astronauts are not as rare as the frog but still have a low chance of dropping.

Blooket 2023 Updates

Blooket 2024 Updates

There are a few updates in the latest version of blooket, including a redesign of the discover page and the addition of a weekly shop. The market page has been updated and now shows what kind of rarity a pack will contain. It also adds an “instant open” button, which makes it easy to purchase packs without having to click on the “Purchase the __________ pack for 25 tokens?” link.

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