Blooket Subscriptions

Blooket is a gamified learning platform that allows students to practice and learn new materials in a fun, exciting game. This is a great way to keep students motivated and engaged in class. Blooket also allows teachers to monitor student progress and make adjustments to their lesson plans accordingly. The platform is free to use and can be used in both traditional classroom settings and as online learning. It is easy to create games and assign them to groups of students. Teachers can use the games to reinforce concepts or review quizzes. They can also create games that are aligned with specific curriculum standards. Blooket is a free platform but also offers two more subscription plans with extra features. These plans are Plus and Plus Flex. Keep reading our article to learn more about Blooket subscriptions.

One of the biggest challenges in using an online gaming platform is ensuring that students are engaged with the material. In addition to the competitive aspect of the games, students need to be able to follow rules and understand the game’s logic. This can be difficult for students with different backgrounds and learning styles. Blooket helps to overcome this problem by making it easier for students to interact with the learning material. Another feature that makes the Blooket learning platform unique is its ability to motivate students by offering a rewards system. This rewards system allows students to earn coins and boosts for correct answers. Teachers can also assign a BlooketJoin code to each player so that they can access the game at any time.

Blooket Plus Plan

Blooket Plus Plan

Blooket is a unique platform that teachers can use to engage students in a fun and creative way. It’s easy for students to use and teachers to operate, and it allows them to track student performance and progress in real time. It also offers a variety of games and modes to keep students interested. Teachers can create questions and games easily with the Set Builder on the platform, which allows them to build and import questions. They can also access impressive sets created by other teachers on the Discover page. Additionally, teachers can use a free account to get started with the platform. The Blooket Plus plan gives educators extra features that are not included in the free version of the platform, such as allowing them to duplicate community-made sets. The Plus plan also lets them organize question sets into folders and view detailed reports on student performance.

Blooket Flex Plan

In addition to a great variety of games, Blooket offers teachers the ability to track student progress. This information can be used to determine which topics are most important for students to master. In this way, teachers can improve their instructional strategies to meet the needs of each individual student. The website is super simple to use, requiring just an email address for sign-up. Teachers can then immediately start creating games or question sets using pre-built questions or totally custom-built games. Students then join the games using a code and can compete against other students around the world.

Blooket can be used at all ages and for a variety of subjects. It can be a useful tool for review or as homework, and it can help students keep their skills fresh over the summer. It can also be used for whole-class reviews. However, it feels a little screen-focused for real-life or in-person learning. Blooket offers a free tier for up to 60 students and then charges $36 per year to host Blooket games for additional users. It also offers a Plus plan and a Plus Flex plan that offer a range of features and benefits for a monthly or annual fee. Here is the comparison table of plans offered by Blooket:

Blooket Flex Plan
Features FreePlus Plus Flex
Unlimited Sets & EditsYesYesYes
Unique Game ModesYesYesYes
Question Set SearchYesYesYes
Up to 60 PlayersYesYesYes
Enhanced Game ReportsNoYesYes
Early Event AccessNoYesYes
Question Set FoldersNoYesYes
Student Bonus TokensNoYes