Blooket Rainbow Panda

Blooket is an online learning platform that combines gaming and education. It has gained popularity worldwide for its entertaining way of teaching. The platform allows students to answer questions in a fun manner and receive rewards. It encourages student engagement and helps teachers reinforce academic concepts. Rainbow Panda is a Chroma Blook and is available through the Safari Box. It has a 0.02% chance to drop and sells for 300 tokens.

How to Unlock the Rainbow Panda?

Blooket is a progressive internet-based apparatus that gives educators and understudies the chance to convey content in an intelligent and engaging way. It encourages students to learn while playing, fostering critical thinking and collaboration skills. Its user-friendly interface and robust customization capabilities make it a valuable tool for both teachers and students.

Rainbow Panda is a Chroma Blook that can be unlocked by purchasing the Safari Box. This blook is similar to the Lovely Planet chroma but has yellow to purple gradient paint dripping from its eyes and ears. It also has a different color pattern on its fur. It is one of the rarest blooks in the game, along with the Ice Crab and Tim, the alien chroma.

To unlock the Rainbow Panda, go to your Blooket Market page and select the Safari box. Then, you will notice an option called Inspect. Click on that and double-click the Console option. This will open a cheat menu. You can use the “Global Cheat 2” cheat code to unlock this blook. However, you must note that this is a temporary solution and is not recommended for long-term use. In addition, you should reload the Market page after each use. This will help you to ensure that your blooks are fully stocked.

Rainbow Panda Drop Rate

Rainbow Panda Drop Rate

Blooket is an educational website that helps students learn and stay engaged in the classroom through exciting review video games. It also allows players to collect different Blooks, which are special player avatars. These can be unlocked by spending in-game tokens on boxes containing various Blooks. Among these, the Rainbow Panda is one of the most desirable.

In order to get this blook, players must be patient and diligent in playing Blooket. They must answer questions correctly and win rounds to earn in-game tokens. This will allow them to access the Safari Box, which has a 0.02% chance of containing the Rainbow Panda. Once a player gets this blook, they can sell it for 300 in-game tokens or coins.

The Rainbow Panda is a recolor/reskin of the Panda, an uncommon in the Safari Pack with yellow to purple gradient paint dripping from its eyes and fur on its ears. It has the lowest chance of all Chromas to appear, tied with the Ice Crab. It is also the cheapest to acquire. It costs only 100 tokens, compared to the other Chromas, which usually cost 200 or more. Players can purchase the blook from other players, but they should be careful to avoid scams or frauds.