Blooket Contest of Candy Prizes

Contest of Candy is a recurring event that takes place every October in Blooket. Players answer questions to earn money, which they use to buy packs that contain stickers. The first player to complete all packs wins the prize. The prizes are usually rare blooks that cannot be obtained in other modes. The contest was previously based on the Blooket game mode Candy Quest, which played similar to Gold Quest. The top 25 finishers in a seven-minute game were awarded prizes. The top 15 were awarded the Spooky Pumpkin and the Spooky Mummy, while the winner was awarded the Spooky Ghost and the two blooks.

In blooket, there are many ways to earn in-game tokens. One way is by participating in events. These events include games and quizzes where students compete with each other for prizes. Another way to gain in-game tokens is by purchasing them from the shop. These tokens can then be used to unlock certain items in the game. For example, you can buy a new avatar or game mode. In addition, you can also get event stickers to use in your blooket account.

What is Blooket Contest of Candy

What is Blooket Contest of Candy?

The contest of candy is an event in Blooket that gives players the opportunity to earn rare Blooks and other prizes. These prizes are awarded to the top 25 finishers in a seven-minute game mode. The first-place player is awarded the Spooky Ghost and Spooky Mummy blooks, the second-place player receives the Spooky Pumpkin blook, and the third-place player receives the Sweet Treat blook. The contest of candy is based on the game mode Candy Quest, which played like Gold Quest. The winners of the 2022 and 2021 contests received Gogzi, ace of spades, and Metella, respectively. These winners also earned a large sum of cash in addition to their prizes.

Blooket is a trivia-based online game that allows players to earn points and buy blooks. Blooks are small characters representing different objects, animals, and people. They can be purchased in different boxes and awarded from tournament events. The site is free for teachers and students and can be used to level up classroom engagement.

How to Get the Rarest Blooks in Blooket

How to Get the Rarest Blooks in Blooket?

Blooket has several game modes, including Gold Quest and Candy Quest mode. The former features spooky artwork and is played during Halloween. The latter is a seven-minute game mode with a leaderboard like Crazy Kingdom and awards rare books to the first 25 finishers. It also offers a chance to win a coveted chroma blook. The blook was released in July and has a low drop rate.

Getting the rarest blook in blooket requires patience. There are several ways to get them, but the most efficient way is joining a game featuring a Chroma Blook. These blooks are hard to find because of their low drop rate, and are often sold for a high price. The most common chromas in blooket are the Cyan Astronaut and the Lime Astronaut, both of which have a drop rate of about 0.5%.